1 song every week for 1 year.


Lil Don Young boss is releasing 1 song every week for 1 year starting with Bankroll in December 2020.

Come take an adventure with Lil Don Young Boss from Lamborghini to helicopter, beautiful locations and more…

#26 Made for This

Episode 4 out of 7.

Lil Don Young Boss is getting comfortable with this lifestyle and expresses the fact that he feels as if he were made it all along

#25 Flooring Paris

Edition 3 out of 7.

Lil Don Young Boss has no doubt that he will make it. After continuously giving all it takes everytime

#24 Progression

Paris Edition 2 out of 7.

"It's all about progression"

#23 Freestyle

Paris Edition 1 out of 7.

"I don't want to live normal"

#22 SMD.

"All that struggling made me stronger".

#21 My Moment.

"My Moment" is about taking the lead in life and not wait for anyone or anything.

#20 Different Pages.

"Different Pages" is dedicated to Claude Nobs, Founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, the most prestigious Music Festival in the World.

Thanks to the Claude Nobs Foundation and Simon Lepêtre for welcoming us inside of Claude Nobs' Chalet to shoot this music video.

Passionate and visionary, Claude Nobs always had ambitious plans. Through his perseverance and hard work, he overcame all barriers to ensure the success of his projects.

In the song "Different Pages", Lil Don Young Boss refers to Claude Nobs' determination to believe in his dreams and to give himself the means to achieve them .... When everyone tells you not to do something, it is a sign that you must go for it and believe in yourself! As Claude Nobs, Lil Don Young Boss goes for it and never stops.

"Nothing is impossible" - Claude Nobs (February 4, 1936 - January 10, 2013)

#19 Stages.

"Stages" is about how money is a motivation in life and how you have to go through stages to get it.

#18 Rosa Parks.

"Rosa Parks" is a reference to the american activist who refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. As Rosa Parks, Lil Don Young Boss will not give up his seat to nobody in life.

#17 Keep that Energy.

"Keep that Energy" is about people not wanting to see you succeed.

#16 What They Want.

"What They Want" is about how Lil Don Young Boss chooses to be himself instead of what others want him to be.

#15 Look Where We at Now.

"Look Where We at Now" is about how far Lil Don Young Boss came.

#14 Full Throttle.

"Full Throttle" is about living in the moment and making your past a better you.

#13 Burning.

"Burning" is a dedication to a friend who recently passed away and played a major role in Lil Don Young Boss' music path. This song is about working and determination to reach his goals in life.

#12 On the Rise.

Lil Don Young Boss refers to his come up.

#11 A Proud Son.

In “A Proud Son”, Lil Don Young Boss talks about his life and mother.

#10 Battleground.

“You have one life so make it the best of it.”

#9 Wake Up.

This song is about how Lil Don Young Boss felt like he has been living with his eyes closed and at one point he accepted reality and started living with his eyes open.

#8 It’s Ok.

Lil Don Young Boss explains how he is always running late. It is ok because he will make up for it.

#7 No Limits.

There is no limitation in life in terms of mentality.

#6 Sad Story.

“Sad Story” talks about how Lil Don Young Boss’ girl swagged him out.

#5 Swiss Francs & Euros.

Swiss Francs & Euros… chaise the rainbow.

#4 I am Not the Same.

Lil Don Young Boss explains how he lost faith in his religion.

#3 Trifling.

Trying hard to get money.

#2 Fast Pace.

Don’t move slow, move fast to the money.

#1 Bankroll.

“Bankroll” talks about achieving success through music.

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The City of Neuchatel supports “1 Song every week for 1 year” project.

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Fondation culturelle BCN supports “1 Song every week for 1 year” project.

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